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Here, you will see what I've been up to,
what I'm going to get up to
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Golf Time with Paul

Winter Training

Indoor Golf Grabs

Preparation for the next season should start in the winter months. Virtually all of the professionals begin working for the next season as soon as the current season finishes and so has mine.

Outdoor Trainings

GC Gams-Werdenberg

GC Gams is an excellent course and practice facilities - perfect for improving your golf.
Virtually all year round golf is a possibility due to the warm wind - Föhn.

Corporate Days

Playing with Friends, Collegues, Clients
Golf is a great way to entertain new clients and existing customers in a perfectly relaxed environment and has been used by many companies as a tool to improve relationships and networking.


Cerenes GolfSport

I'm happy to introduce my new Outfitter for my clubs and bag.

SeeMore Putter

I am now an official fitter for SeeMore putters. They are specialist putters with a particular putting method.

My Partners

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